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Friends Only

Posted on 2022.01.22 at 09:00
My Journal is friends only, except when I forget to protect a post, so I'm trying to date this entry long enough in the future so that it will stay at the top of my page for a good long while so that non-friends can contact me, request to be a friend, etc. Or maybe contact me to say I've won a drawing??

This is a year to win!



Posted on 2013.08.16 at 07:17
travelertrish has decided to post a daily gratitude for a while, and I have decided to join her. It is a good thing to do, remembering what we are grateful for. Anybody else care to join the movement?

This morning I was/am grateful to see an old friend show up here on LJ, so I can catch up with her a little bit. She gave a lovely list of podcasts worthy of a listen.


Well, it is Eugene...

Posted on 2013.05.06 at 17:44
"You are such a hippie," my neighbor said good-naturedly, as I slipped into my flowery rainboots on my way over to water the garden.

"My kids say the same thing," I said, wondering if it was the boots, the wide knee length cotton/linen pants, or the orange and yellow rayon dress/top that made her think/say this.

"Well, it is Eugene, " she said.
It has been a busy day, with my women's craft group over, planting some starts here and there, and gearing up for a week away beginning Friday.

I haven't been online since early this morning, and this is just a touchdown to say that tomorrow may be equally busy. Hoping to catch up on comments, messages and replies on Wednesday, if not before.

Am making this public! (It's been so long) as no time to consider a friend request right this minute. Back out the door. Busy busy springtime.



Posted on 2013.04.02 at 08:51
Just made a bread pudding last night and haven't tasted it yet. Breakfast anyone?
I haven't had bread pudding for years and years. Recently, on vacation, I sat through Beth having a delightful bread pudding with whiskey sauce at an Irish pub and then again, the other half of it for breakfast the following day.

I made a list of some foods I would like to eat prepare soon and bread pudding made the list. As I was unpacking my little bits of leftover food from the trip it occurred to me that my GF bread had been frozen and thawed (in transit/ in cooler) a couple of times already, so what better way to use it up quickly than bread pudding.

I may make a rum sauce to top pieces of the bread pudding for dessert this evening with Jim, if I have time. I think I have all the ingredients.


♥ bread pudding
♥ tamales
♥ enchiladas
♥ gooey grilled "cheeze" sandwich
♥ tempeh reubens
♥ cashew chèvre
♥ pumpkin bread
♥ black bean burgers
♥ molé casserole



Posted on 2012.11.22 at 08:17
I received an email from Live Journal, time dated last evening, saying that gnostraeh's birthday was/is, "today" (that's yesterday the 21st).... Not true, not timely, not my recorded info with LJ. All very weird...


The King's Speech

Posted on 2011.01.16 at 10:29
Terri & I saw a lovely movie last evening. The acting by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush is superb.



Posted on 2010.08.15 at 17:46

Originally uploaded by hellnhiwater
The gift


from the front of a greeting card

Posted on 2009.04.10 at 07:08
Have patience

with everything unresolved in your heart

and try to love

the questions themselves..

~Rainier Maria Rilke


my dears

Posted on 2009.03.15 at 21:07
I seem to be avoiding talking on the telephone and posting here a little. Not really though. I feel alternately very busybusy, and very passively engaged to offset the busybusy. I do not like being so hurried and clipped at LJ, but this too will pass.

I promise myself and my tiny handful of friends here some thoughts and a round-up soon(and comments and replies,etc.), maybe not until Wednesday.



Posted on 2009.02.10 at 08:29
Yes right here in River city folks. On February 10th.

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